Interest of MAGRAMA and Dutch Embassy in the LIFE+ Operation CO2 project

31.01.2013 By: Transfer LBC

Various entities have showed their interest in the LIFE+ projects, which are supported by the European Commission. The knowledge obtained by these projects is used for several innovations and applications. Furthermore, the participants of these projects have different European nationalities and there are many opportunities for expansion and replication of the projects.

The good relations between Spain and the Netherlands are mostly based on the shared interest in joint agricultural and forestry development. This has lead to an invitation of  Mrs. Tineke Zwitser, Agricultural Counselor of the Embassy of the Netherlands, to present the Operation CO2 project to the Director of Rural Development and Forestry Policy. This presentation was held in Madrid at the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment (MAGRAMA). The issue that has been discussed was the contribution to boosting sustainable development of the agricultural and forestry sectors. Therefore, our project attracts great interest and is an example of a subject that is not yet developed in Europe. In addition, these projects could contribute significantly to the fight against climate change.

The presentation was also accompanied by Isabel Aguilar (Assistant Director of Planning and Coordination Directorate of Rural Development and Forestry Policy) and Don Manuel Navarro (Assistant Director-General for Irrigation and Water Economy General Directorate of Rural Development and Forestry Policy).

The picture of this meeting was later sent by Mrs Nieto through Twitter with a sympathetic comment. We would like to thank everyone for their presence and we hope that the meeting will be a step closer to further cooperation with the Ministry and Embassy.