Informative meeting and inauguration of the project site in Alinyà

17.03.2014 By: Transfer LBC

Last week on the 3rd of March, an informative meeting and the inauguration of the LIFE+ Operation CO2 project has been held in Alinyà. The participants of this meeting expressed their interest in the project and they are awaiting for the first results of the planned plantation in order to get an good overview of the real project´s potencial.

A presentation has been showed with the purpose to present the objectives, activities and results achieved so far. The meeting was ended with a discussion in which participants could share their opinions, suggestions and their interests.

In the picture below you can see some of the participants of the meeting in Alinyà.








Below, you can see a photo of the visit to the nurseries of the Council of Breda. The visit was organized to see the plant samples and to arrange the plantation.








Besides we would like to take this opportunity to thank the neighbors for their hospitality and interest in participating in the project.

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