High attendence at the Biocultura fair in Madrid-Second seminar

17.11.2014 By: Transfer LBC

Last Thursday 13 November, representatives from the “Crops for Better Soils” (LIFE11 ENV/ES/471) and “Operation CO2” projects directed a technical seminar with around 100 attendees during the annual Biocultura fair in Madrid. This fair takes place in major Spanish cities and is organized by Asociación Vida Sana, one of the partners in the “Crops for Better Soils” project. With a full house, different speakers talked about ways to maintain a "more sustainable agriculture through the health of soils and the professional and intelligent management of lands.”
The seminar was divided in two sessions- during the morning, Pius Floris, director of Plant Health Cure (a partner in the “Operation CO2” project) led a workshop and debate on the recognition of microorganisms in soil, especially on the use of mycorrhiza as potential biological alternatives for the protection of soil. The presentation was aimed at organic and conventional farmers, as well as agricultural landowners and professional gardeners, but was also enriched with the presence of interested students and members of public organisations invested in agriculture and the environment.
During the afternoon, a conference was held at which four speakers were able to share their vision and experience on the topic of sustainable agriculture, especially in Spain. A pleasant visit from Tineke Zwitser, Agricultural Counsellor to the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands opened the evening session, with her expression of support and enthusiasm over the dissemination of both projects. We would like to thank the Embassy for their collaboration during the organisation of this event.
Following her speech, Jesús Casas Grande, member of the Spanish Council of the Commonland association, spoke about the work done at the association and the potential of restoring ecosystems and the urgency needed from our generations to address it. In third place, Pius Floris gave a short presentation named “how to move from chemistry to biochemistry in agriculture”, emphasizing the importance of finding alternative biological solutions to problems and challenges in agriculture. As a practical example, he called upon the experience that is being gathered during the “Operation CO2” project and the successes so far.
Finally, Pedro Luis Alonso, the engineer in representation of Beral Ingeniería, who is responsible for the crops grown during the “Operation CO2” project in Zamora, and is also the technical consultant for  the “Crops for Better Soils” project, shared the results obtained during the last three years of these new agricultural practices. He also highlighted the radical changes that have occurred after the application of new management and fertilisation of soils. Alonso shared an interesting common points and contrasts between the successes of both projects regarding their step towards climate change.
The attendees at the conference proved to be very interested in both projects and enthusiastic towards speaking with the representatives after the presentations.

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