Four students performed their Bachelor theses on the demonstration site of Alinya - Zone A

29.06.2016 By: Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera

Four Bachelor (BA) theses on the demonstration site of Muntanya d’Alinyà (site A) were published in 2013, 2015 y 2016. The students were reading for the Environmental Sciences degree of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and their research was the result of a collaboration framework agreement between the UAB and the Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera “Campus de Ciències Ambientals i de la Terra de la Muntanya d'Alinyà”. The findings reported are important for the project and have been included as part of the results of the implementation actions in the Muntanya d’Alinyà.

The papers are:

1.- Proposal to implement apple crops (Malus domestica) in the Vall d’Alinyà. Analysis of environmental and economic feasibility and voluntary carbon credits certification (2013).

Por: Bargalló, Daniel; Cañadas, Víctor; Cecilia, Francisco José; López, Sonia.

Tutores: Dr. Carles Martínez, Dr. Martí Boada y Dr. Jordi Duch (UAB-ICTA)







2.- CO2 capture of the Scots pine forest (Pinus sylvestris) located in the Obaga de Colldéu inside Alinyà's Valley (2015).

By: Azcárate, Ales; Barguilla, Gabriel; Bassols, Jordi; Canudas, Pol.

Tutors: Dr. Martí Boada, Dr. Joan Rieradevall, Dra. Almudena Hierro y Dr. Jordi Duch (UAB-ICTA)








3.- Biodiversity analysis of agroforestry parcels in Alinyà's Valley under management to increase carbon capture (2015).

By: Delgado, Sheila; Idoate, Jokin; López, Marina; Mas, Antoni; Serrano, Cristian.

Tutors: Dr. Carles Martínez, Dr. Martí Boada, Dr. Joan Rieradevall, Dr. Jordi Duch y Dra. Almudena Hierro (UAB-ICTA)




4.- Economic and environmental viability of aromatic plant crops in Alinyà's Valley (2016).

By: Baroso, Aitor; Folch, Armand

Tutors: Dr. Joan Rieradevall, Dr. Martí Boada y Dra. Anna Petit (UAB-ICTA)



Research for these theses was conducted under advice from a team from the Alinya Mountain Foundation and from Xavier Escuté, technical coordinator for the project Operation CO2 in Area A – Muntanya d’Alinyà.