Educational visit to the plantation areas in Muntanya d' Alinyà

09.05.2014 By: Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera

During the educational visit was explained about the field preparation and planting in the Muntanya d'Alinyà. In the afternoon of Thursday 8th of May, the group of students from the Master of Science in European Forestry visited the areas of the Planassa and Campaposta in Muntanya d'Alinyà to learn what the project´s objectives are and how they are implementing the crops. The group of 14 students from the Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany, Brazil, China, Canada, Spain, Andorra, Slovenia and Serbia is  organizing a tour to find out about projects related to forest management and research everywhere across Europe. The level of questions and suggestions makes it clear that the future of European forests will be in good hands!

In the photos below you can see the group of students from the Master of Science in the European Forestry, the visits to the planting area of aromatic species and the view of the Planassa area.