Final conference LIFE Operation CO2 promoted at Biofach 2017 Germany

20.02.2017 By: Transfer Consultancy

As part of our dissemination activities, Sven Kallen of Transfer Consultancy and Egbert Sonneveld on behalf of Beral, promoted the upcoming final conference of LIFE project Operation CO2 to several interested parties present at Biofach. This is the world’s largest organic food produce trade fair and is currently being held at Nürnberg. The potential for agroforestry was demonstrated once more by the high interest of several producers and purchasers in this concept.

It seems that most people in the sector realise that “just organic” will not be sufficient to compete long term in the sector. Factors like soil improvement, water retention, multi-cropping, cover crops, shading, integrated biological control, etc. will form important additions to the technical management of farms in order to improve margins and show clients a truly sustainable picture of one’s operations. Add to this the upcoming requirements from retailers like Tesco to demand carbon and/or water footprint information on each label, it becomes more and more urgent to consider a more integrated approach. Transfer will include a number of new names from European producers and purchasers into the project database to keep them updated on the conference and resulting opportunities.

(Approximately 75 flyers were distributed among different audience such as producers, purchasers, retailers, farmers, livestock breeders).