Excellent acceptation of the Operation CO2 project by the inhabitants of Ayoó, Santibáñez and Fuente Encalada

11.01.2013 By: Transfer LBC

Residents and locals of Ayoó de Vidrales were invited to attend the presentation of the Operation CO2 project as part of the inauguration event of area B. The presentation was hosted by the mayor of Ayoó, Ms. Sofía Tostón. The event was attended by Mr. Claudio José Delgado Ferrero of the council of Santibáñez de Vidriales, Mr. Victorino Nuñez Barrero of the council of Fuente Encalada, and by almost 50 residents of the area.







During the presentation, Beral Ingeniería and the University of Valladolid gave ​​a clear overview of the Operation CO2 project in the municipality of Ayoó. Furthermore, they explained the technical part of the project. This part aims to improve the land through the use of organic products and avoiding the usage of chemicals at the same time minimizing soil movement (no till approach). Mycorrhizae are added to improve the organic matter composition in the soil which will also contribute to a healthier soil life. Moreover, the project partners responded to the questions of the participants.  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the representatives of the city council and all participants for their interest and contribution to this event.