European forestry master students visit the plantation in Alinyà

02.06.2017 By: Fundacion Catalunya La Padrera

As so often in the last years on May 31, 2017, 7 students of the Erasmus Mundus Master programme in Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resource Management coordinated the University of Lleida visited the Muntanya d’Alinyà. Acompanied by two profesors and Xavier Escuté, la Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera hiked the plateau (see foto 1).

International students from Syria, Ukraine, Italy, Germany, Spain and Bangladesh very interested in the first results of the project. Especially the estimated increase in carbon fixation in each of the tested treatments and the process of carbon certification set within voluntary markets enthused the visitors. Given their background in forestry the discussions were highly technical.

Foto 1: The participants hiking the plateau.

Foto 2: The group in front of the  LIFE Operation CO2 board.