Erasmus Mundus students visit Alinyà

05.06.2015 By: Fundació Catalunya - La Pedrera

On 3 June, the project was presented to the students of the 2015 promotion European Master in Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management. They also had the opportunity to visit the plantations at Muntanya d'Alinyà. This visit took place, as in the previous year, as part of the collaboration between Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera and the University of Lleida (coordinator of the programme in Catalonia).

The group was composed by 8 students from different countries (Czech Republic, Egypt, Bangladesh, United States, Spain and Portugal) and two professors. The discussion revolved around the experience of a Bangladeshi student with the REDD + programme and the protection of mangrove swamp areas in his region. Although there are certain similarities, the socioeconomic differences between the two regions condition the conservation status of ecosystems and therefore the carbon sequestration capacity; besides, they also condition how to implement management measures to increase CO2 fixation and credit certification process.

In the picture above we can see students listening to the introduction by Professor of the University of Lleida. Below on the left, the group in front of the restoration area of the Planassa; on the right hand side, the students next to the project’s information board.