Cooperation and dissemination event with the scientific community

13.04.2015 By: UVA

On April 8 2015, a training session of the LIFE + 2015 program called "Learn how to write a good proposal" was organized by the General Foundation of the University of Valladolid.

The European projects "Operation CO2", "The Green Deserts" (LIFE09 ENV/ES/447)  and "Integral Carbon" (LIFE13 / ENV / ES / 1251), represented by UVA professors José Luis Marcos, Fermín Garrido and Luis Manuel Navas, cooperated in the training session presented by María Moncada.

The workshop addressed important aspects of the LIFE + Work Programme 2014-2017, including the opportunities that this EU financial instrument offers to the scientific and business communities in the area of environment. The successful participation of Spanish projects was highlighted with concrete examples.

From the extensive practical experience, examples were given on how to avoid frequent mistakes when preparing and submitting a LIFE + proposal, on its preparation, design and explanation of the project idea, as well as how to successfully do a partner search.

At the end of the workshop, a roundtable was held in which representatives of the aforementioned LIFE + projects had the opportunity to tell their success story by sharing their positive experience in project implementation, together with national and international partners, and to disseminate and show their progress and results to the scientific community.

People interested in this field could also follow the conference via online streaming.

Below you can see some photos of the event.