Control experiments of mycorrhizal colonization

29.11.2016 By: UVA Dpto Ing. Forestal

The main objective of this experiment was to verify the colonization capacity of the tested PHC products.

The samples were taken from vezia plants (Vicia villosa Roth.) In a program of experiments with rhizotrons.


M. Treatement  I: 90%, very good colonization.
M. Treatement II: 80%,  good colonization.
M. Treatement III: 0%, without colonization.

It can be affirmed that the colonization capacity of the products tested is excellent. In addition, the experimental design has allowed us to reach another very interesting conclusion, namely that there is still colonizing capacity in a soil where previously the mycorrhizal inoculant had been used for the previous cultivation, in view of the results.