Comparison in the germination of two fields

21.01.2013 By: Transfer LBC

The germination that is obtained in plots of Vidirales Ayoó show a homogeneous development and are in an excellent condition compared to other fields in the neighborhood. 








The plantation has been two months ago and we already can see the difference between  landscapes. The specie in the image on the left shows an irregular development. Furthermore, the field has been flooded due to heavy rain, and it is impossible to enter the field because of the mud and water. The image on the right shows the plots from  our project. On our plots we have applied reduced tillage techniques, organic fertilizers and mycorrhizae. On this field the specie develops  homogeneous, the soil is looser and we do not sink down into the ground. 








A local resident shared his tillage system of implementing species on his land. This will allow us to control the avoidance of weed compaction. The techniques that we used are gradually showing results and this catches the attention and support of local residents.