Active discussion on double counting issues during the Carbon Experts Meeting - Barcelona

03.11.2016 By: Transfer Consultancy

Last 24th of October the Consortium celebrated the Carbon Experts meeting.

Objectives for the session

  1. Discuss on how carbon credits from the project can be traded at the Voluntary Carbon Offsets Market
  2. Assess the results of the audit process for site A (Muntanya d’Alinyà), problems with the double counting issues 
  3. Propose the steps that can be taken to solve the situationf, include policy recommendations.


  1. Introduction to the LIFE Operation CO2                                    Sven Kallen (Transfer)
  2. Our experience in Site A (la Muntanya d’Alinyà)                        Xavier Escuté (FLP)
  3. The views from the Spanish Ministry                                        Marta Hernández (MAGRAMA)
  4. Round table. Important topics to make sure are discussed:
     - What happens in other regions in EU?                                    Alexandra Nuske (TUV)
    - What is the EC policy regarding the double counting issue?      Jerome Mounsey (DG CLIMA)
  5. Wrap-up and draft of the document of conclusions including:      Xavier Escuté (FLP)
    - The issues that prevent the certification and selling of carbon credits in Spain (Europe?)
    - Potential steps to address this situation or alternatives to the situation
    - Policy recommendations if any, after seeing the outcomes of the project

If you want to read the conclusions of carbon experts meeting, click here, and if you want to see the presentations of the day, click here