Campaigns Operation CO2 project reach schools and colleges

21.05.2013 By: UVA Dpto Ing. Forestal

Last month we have launched a campaign in schools and colleges, including the University of Valladolid, to create awareness about the problem of desertification amongst students, thus explaining the project "Operation CO2".

Last week began in the Lordship of Guardo IES the activity organized by the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenierías Agrarias: "A tree against desertification" and that will extend at least for this year in different schools in the region that already are reached.

The event began with the presentation to the biology students of 4th ESO 1st Baccalaureate, by Professor José Luis Marcos from the European Project LIFE + "Operation CO2", in which the ETSIIAA is head of the line and has partners Dutch, Belgian and Spanish. This project is aimed at agroforestry in desert areas by planting trees using the validity of the prototypes called waterboxx , which are ingenious polypropylene containers that collect water spray generated by the temperature difference between day and night and store it inside, protecting the plant and moisturizing him in the early stages of his life

The activity generated a lot of excitement and questions among students Diego Castro, Cristian Garrido, César Mediavilla, Victor Valderrey, Joshua Liebana, Carlos González, María Iglesias, Javier Redondo and their other fellow students and ended with an affectionate applause from them and their teachers, Marga Mancebo and Elvira Rodriguez, after planting a "Rowan hunters "

Below you can find some pictures of the event