Biological control with birds of prey

03.10.2013 By: Transfer LBC

As part of their local awareness activities the teams of Beral and Transfer are seeking biological pest rodents that can be found in the areas of Congosta and Ayoó de Vidriales and within the crop areas of the project. The teams have visited one of the areas where the board of Castilla y León has a project on vole control by using birds of prey.

During the meeting with the Deputy Mayor of Villarramiel, he said that in 2007 an "experimental project designed to prevent pests of peasants voles in the field" supported by the Biodiversity Foundation was started. The objective of the project was to facilitate the breeding of kestrels and owls, increasing the optimal areas for nesting and increasing the stock of breeding individuals by releasing specimens from GREFA facilities. This experimental model is based on the application of biological control by predation of the peasant vole population (Microtus arvalis)







However, today the personal opinion of the people is that there is not enough food available. According to the Deputy Mayor it is clear that when there is enough food, raptors will come, but when you lower the population of voles they will leave - 'It has little sense to force them with facilities that have been mounted, of which there are  many, it has created some jobs, but their assembly is expensive. '