Volunteer day to create a new pond in the apple orchard in Alinyà

24.07.2017 By: Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera

On Sunday, July 23th, a group of 7 volunteers worked hard to generate a new water point on one of the apple plantation terraces at the Planassa of Muntanya d'Alinyà. Taking advantage of a small outcrop of water and following the instructions of Gilet, the Alzina d'Alinyà Shepherd, the group of volunteers removed the vegetation and excavated a hole of about 5 square meters to retain the water and obtain a new accessible water point for the small fauna of the area.

In a Mediterranean environment like pre-Pyrenean Catalan, any point of water is fundamental to ensure the survival of small mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds and insects. In addition, the participants learned the LIFE CO2 Operation project details, while working on the ground and were able to ask about the carbon market. The volunteers came from all over Barcelona, ​​except a girl from Brazil who works in Barcelona temporarily.

The volunteer day finished with a lunch at the Cal Celso restaurant in Alinyà.

Photos 1 to 5: Volunteers working to create a new water point on one of the apple plantations terraces at the Alinyà Mountain.