The subject of mycorrhizae at the 41st national congress on parks and gardens.

05.06.2014 By: Transfer LBC

In Valladolid the 41st congress of parks and gardens was organized by the Spanish Association for Public Parks and Gardens (AEPJP). More than 300 professionals from the park and garden sector attended the congress.

The congress was divided in three blocks. The first focuses on pine forests, mountains and rivers and comprises different sessions focusing on the ‘Parque de Contiendas’, metropolitan parks in Barcelona and the importance of mycorrhization in permanent forests in cities.  The second block will address issues related to plant and public health with subject like noise pollution, air quality and sustainable use of plant protection. Besides meeting the management of green zones in the Italian city of Florence, the attendees of the congress will also visit ‘Las Moreras’ and ‘Campo Grande’ in Valladolid. The final block will address parks and gardens in smart cities, with presentations on remote irrigation management using the Manzanares River in Madrid as an example. They will also discuss the importance of green urban transport and new lighting techniques applied to ornamental gardening. On the closing day (Saturday) the visitors will attend the Wine Museum of Peñafiel and Protos wine house.

The partners of the project, ‘Beral Ingenierías’ and ‘Viveros Fuenteamarga’, attended various lectures and took the opportunity to promote the use of mycorrhizae in forest environments as demonstrated in the ‘Operation CO2’ project. Dr. Jaime Suarez Olaizola, technical manager of ‘IDForests’ and ‘Viveros Fuenteamarga’, made a presentation called: “Micorrhization in urban permanent forests”.

The event proved to be a good networking instrument as the project partners present met de partners of the ‘Quick Urban Forestation’ project (LIFE12/ENV/ES/092), the teams of ‘Iclaves’ and ‘Cesefor’. Since both the projects have many of their objectives in common, the reforestation in dry areas with low quality soils, they are planning to do cooperation between the projects.