The plan to improve the soil in the area of Ayoó de Vidriales

02.11.2012 By: Transfer LBC

Beral Engineers and a subcontracted farmer started the implementation of the plan to improve the soil of the study area, with advice given by Plant Health Care.

They introduced an organic fertilizer, the Biovin, which consists the remains of pressed grapes and stimulates the reactions of mycorrhizae to create an interface between roots and soil. The soil acidity stimulated the need for Dolomita and a fertilizer (N,P,K 18,46,0). The soil suffered from compaction, and to improve the its condition the work was continued with a chisel and a plow. 






The seeds were mixed with VAM PWI, which is a natural stimulant that ensures high inoculant infectivity, benefiting the plant with increased survival, drought tolerance, absorption of nutrients (N, P, K, Ca), reduced impact of pathogens and increased plant vigor.










Also Myconate was used, which is an accelerator for the colonization of mycorrhizal fungi applied as a seed treatment. It is a natural compound extracted from the root system of plants and  especially useful for basic grains, cereals and forest species.

AFter, the mixture of the seeds and the products was put into the sower and directly inserted into the land. To conclude the process a Compete Plus spray was used on the field, ensuring rapid colonization of the rhizosphere, accelerating plant growth and decreasing the incidence of root pathogens. It solubilizes essential minerals  and fixes atmospheric nitrogen. It dismantles the organic matter of the soil into humus and recycles the mineral elements.

The ProAct Harpin-contains a combination of active growth and defense fragments for plants. The recognition of the harpin protein αβ for the specific receptors activates the plant growth processes, reproduction and defense systems.