The Investing in Nature event at the Ecostar Natural Talent Hub

23.06.2017 By: Transfer Consultancy

On the 15th of June this year, Professor Salvador Salvador Hernández Navarro of the UVA praticipated in the cooperation event Invertir en la Naturaleza – Ecostar Natural Talents (Madrid).


The event offered a unique opportunity to explore investment options on environmental behalf.


The potential of commercialization of ecosystem services and their relation to forest vertification was discussed. Initiatives and related legal aspects of forestry projects within the carbon market were presented. Legal aspects were highlighted in the project OPERATION CO2 and further explained by the presentation of a POSTER.

First European reports on the water, biodiversity and carbon market were also presented.

In the following link you can see the poster presented by Professor Salvador Hernandez (UVA).

To see the program of the converence please click here. (Spanish)