Technical visit of the UVA to the parcels in area A in Muntanya de Alinyá

23.06.2016 By: Transfer Consultancy & UVA

On the 21th of June 2016, the team of UVA visited the parcels in Area A in Muntanya de Alinyá

This this occasion the monitoring of the development of the ARR parcels was held in Campaposta y planassa, through recognition on-site and through photos taken by remote-controlled plane (RPA / drone). In addition, the processing of these images will serve in order to validate the methodology of the remote sensing applied to the stratification of vegetation and quantifying the fitting cover of it.

Thereafter, the Sample Processing, the analysis and the measurement of the carbon content were performed. FCLP provided wood samples of the IFM area, and UVa took samples of aromatic plants of the ARR areas. After the laborious process, the preparation is now completed. The process will proceed to the analysis of carbon content, both of wood and aromatic species. In this way it helps to provide real and specific data of carbon content in vegetal organisms in the project area, without having to resort to more general values which they can collect in the scientific literature. In addition to the data of carbon content in the case of aromatic, one has thought if it would be possible to make an analytical study of the essential oils which can be extracted from them.