Sharing environmental interests & remaining self-sustained with ¨la Cooperative de Cambrils¨

01.02.2013 By: Transfer LBC

A team of ¨la Cooperative de Cambrils¨ and Transfer (project partner Operation CO2) came together to exchange views and thoughts on the strategies that are used in agricultural industy. Some examples of these strategies are: the improvement of soil, reduction of environmental wastage and availability of self-sustainable alternatives.

The members of ¨la Cooperative de Cambrils¨ were very interested in the project, and directed their attention towards renewable energy. The latter relates to some new experiments that are part of the operation CO2-project's activities, and considers ways to generate biofuels. ¨la Cooperative de Cambrils¨ wants to find new tools to solve the energy problem, which has been witnessed globally.

For example the producers of olive oil use the stone of the olive as an alternative to the energy problem. The olives come from Arbequina olive trees, and from the protected origin Siurana, Tarragona area. ¨la Cooperative de Cambrils¨ transforms thestone of the olive in a stone granulator, which is also being used in biomass boilers.

In this way we would like to thank the board of the¨la Cooperative de Cambrils¨ for the reception.