Productive plantation visit in Alinyà

05.06.2013 By: Transfer LBC

On the 3rd and 4th of June, the teams of Catalonia La Pedrera Foundation, UVA, Transfer, and FSG visited the plantation in Alinyà, area A of the project. Fundaciò Pirineus accompanied us as a guest, who has great knowledge of the forest in the area..

During the visit several issues were discussed, including how to conduct the forest and carbon management plan, and what methodologies could be implemented as monitoring and analysis tools.

For example, in the beginning the intentions were to use remote sensing to measure the biomass and diversity, but satellite and LIDAR images does not appear to be adequate to measure changes of biomass in the intervention sites.

The biomass and biodiversity will soon be monitored in the forest areas devoted to thinning. Furthermore, soil samples will be taken and the amount of carbon in the soil will be determined. The soil samples will be used to analyze different kinds of matters, including organic moisture, pH, macro-and micro-element matters. They have two objectives:

1. The samples serve as the basis for the cultivation plan, to determine the appropriate forest and fruit species according to site conditions.

2. The samples serve as a baseline to determine the percentage of carbon in the soil (before interventions). To finalize the project these variables will be reanalyzed, hoping to demonstrate better amounts of carbon, thanks to the increased biomass and the deeper roots.

Also, there will be a social and economic study of the area which will consist of interviews with the technicians, as well as with the local inhabitants.