Preparation of plants and tracking germination

16.05.2013 By: Transfer LBC

The partner Viveros Fuenteamarga is responsible for the action "Preparation and inoculation of mycorrhizal plants" defined in the framework of the project Operation CO2. Juan Añibarro, Director of Viveros Fuenteamarga, told us that the campus is finally paying off. The work of preparing plants involved several steps and it takes a number of previous analyzes that must be completed to ensure a good squad.

During the development of the project until now, there have been several technical meetings to determine which species of plants are most suitable to each zone: Area B - Ayoó de Vidriales and Area C – San Mateo de Gallego. Once the cultivation plan for each area had been identified, the process of preparing the campus began.

From seed to seedling there exists a strict control in order to prevent diseases and pests that might threaten the health of the campus. In turn, we have prepared a number of plants with mycorrhizal inoculation.

At the moment an amount of 25,000 plants have been prepared to be transported to the areas of study.

The seedlings will be planted in the action areas B & C next November 2013. This time of the year is considered be the best moment to start non-irrigated plantations.

Below you will find some details of the fast growing seedlings.