Preliminary analysis of the land in Ayoó de Vidriales, Zamora

12.09.2012 By: Transfer LBC

During the prescoping of Zone B of the project, the land localized in Ayoó de Vidriales (Zamora) was studied and marked during a technical visit of FSG and Beral. Soil samples were taken and marked the parcels with stakes to establish the boundaries.

The local government cooperated with the identification of the parcel and having several interviews to learn more about the area of study (socio-economic, agricultural and biodiversity issues).

The field corresponds to a plot of 25 ha which is next to an area susceptible to fires. In August of this year almost 12.500Ha was burned. In the video we can see an example of the drastic consequences.

The last fire of 2012 spanned about 825 hectares in the province of Zamora, of which more than 200Ha had been reforested in recent years