Preliminary analysis of the land in San Mateo de Gallego, Zaragoza

12.09.2012 By: By: Transfer-LBC

This year the project starts with the implementation of the integrated agro forestry system. The actions will be primarily aimed at improving soils. During the analysis phase of the terrain, the engineers conducted several interviews with farmers and various agricultural and environmental agencies in each area. The results of this analysis were used to design the agroforestry system and selecting the plant species to be used.

The participants visited the farm in San Mateo de Gallego to perform a preliminary analysis of the terrain. They have searched with several points with GPS to localize the area of study and soil samples were taken at different depths.

The terrain is a parcel of 25 Ha, characteristic to area. The area is close to the desert of Monegros, and represents a great interest for combating climate change through the implementation of an integrated agroforestry system and a program for acquiring carbon credits in the future.