Our team presented the project in the Spanish Forestry Congress

30.06.2017 By: Transfer Consultancy

During the 26th to the 30th of June 2017 the seveth edition of the Spanish Forestry Congres (7a edición del Congreso Forestal Español) was celebrated in Plasencia, Extremadura.

Egbert Sonneveld, technical coodinator of two demonstration areas of the project LIFE OPERATION CO2, has participated by presenting a POSTER during the session of MT4: HIDROLOGÍA, REPOBLACIÓN Y RESTAURACIÓN FORESTAL.

To see the abstrac click in resumen and to see the poster click here. To see the POSTERS participants list, here.

To see the programm here.
During the event several brochures were given to the attendees (to see the brochure click here

During the poster  session our project was visited by many participants being of the administration, scientists and also PHD students. Egbert also met with Professor Gerardo Moreno of the University of Extremadura, that we know since the EURAF (European Agro Forestry Association) conference in Montpelier. The professor took the opportunity to announce the new Life project LIFE ENV/ES/00276 Regenerate which starts in September 2017 including rotational grazing for grass and soil improvement in agro-silvo-pastoral systems.