Operation CO2 cooperate with The Green Deserts

04.02.2014 By: Transfer LBC

Life projects have a lot of knowledge to share. The Life+ project “The Green Deserts” has put a number of used Waterboxxes at the disposal of our Life project. Yesterday Transfer director Sven Kallen delivered the last of two hundred Groasis Waterboxx to Adriano Marín, director of Edena. Edena is responsible for the plantation of the agroforestry project in Zone C. All Operation CO2 project members are eager to repeat the positive results of The Green Deserts with especially their economic trees such as pistachio, almonds and others. The Groasis Waterboxx is also being incorporated into part of the new plantations at zones A and B.

On this photo on the right you can see Sven Kallen, director of Transfer, and on the left Adriano Marín, director of Edena.