Medusa soil survey cooperation between LIFEs projects in Spain

18.09.2015 By: Medusa

In September 2015, Medusa Explorations performed the second field campaign for the Crops for better Soils (LIFE10/ENV/ES/471) project with the Agribox soil survey system. This system uses a Gammaspectrometer, which measures gamma radiation (natural radioactivity) and a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). With these two sensors, information is gathered about soil texture, soil layering and if present soil compaction.

During this field campaign, the Medusa team also measured the two fields of Operation CO2 (LIFE11/ENV/ES/535) in Ayoó de Vidriales (Castilla y León) and San Mateo de Gallégo (Aragón). The results will provide more insight in the within field variation of soil properties influencing tree and crop growth. The field in Ayoó was measured in 2012 as well, providing the possibility to compare the results between the two scans and thus observe differences in soil composition or perhaps soil structure.

The team also measured part of the orchards of the Life+ project Zero Residues (LIFE12/ENV/ES/902) located in La Almunia (Zaragoza). Thus providing more information on soil property variation within and between the plots. Two plots were scanned with the Agribox, the cherries and the apricots.