LIFE Operation CO2 Summary of activities in Alinya, Cataluna

20.07.2017 By: Transfer Consultancy

With the ending of LIFE 11 Operation CO2 project, an overview of the activities carried out in Alinyá was given by Xavier Escuté, head of natural space of Fundanció Catalunya la Pedrera. The project sought to combine suitable species into the territory, in order to boost the carbon sequestration when compared with the pre-existing situation.

The project presented great results by planting different tree types on different areas in the region. Some of those are:

Apple trees on terraces. +6 tones/ha.year of CO2 sequestration;
Restoration zone – Species introduced: Wild pine, Corsican pine, holm oak, oak, blackthorn, and hawthorn. +3.5 tones/ha.year of CO2 sequestration;
Hardwood zone – Species introduced: Walnut, wild pine, Corsican pine, cherry, mountain ash, holm oak, oak. +3 tones/ha.year of CO2 sequestration;
Forest clearings - +1.5 tones/ha.year of CO2 sequestration.

Even though is not possible to sell carbon credits, due to the lack of standards in forest stands, Xavier emphasizes that the benefits of the project go beyond carbon sequestration, including the creation of local jobs and the improvement of the socioeconomic activity in the region.

Please, check the video below with the summary of activities in Alinyà-Cataluña. (Activate English subtitles in the lower-right corner)