Land preparation to start with planting cover crops in San Mateo de Gállego

21.10.2012 By: Transfer LBC

With help of the rain, the team of Edena together with a contracted farmer started to prepare the area for planting. With advice from the Plant Health Care team some organic products were used to increase fertility and improve the soil. Among these organic products, Biovin is a certified organic fertilizer and soil amendment. The organic base consists of the remains of pressd grapes. This stimulates the reactions of mycorrhizae to create an interface between roots and soil. They tilled the land, making use a chisel and grower, with the objective of aerating the soil. Meanwhile, the seeds were mixed with other products of the Plant Health Care (PHC) such as VAM PWI, an inoculant fungal endomycorrhizal containing spores of selected strains of 4 different species of fungi and formononetin. It is a natural stimulant. 

This final seedmix will ensure high inoculant infectivity benefiting the plant with increased survival, drought tolerance, absorption of nutrients (N, P, K, Ca), reducing the impact of pathogens and increased plant vigor. The mixture of seeds and organic products was put into a sower and then being planted. Afterwards, it was directly sowed and covered with the Compete Plus spray, which contains rhizobacteria and soil improvers. 

This ensures rapid rhizosphere colonization, thereby accelerating the growth of the plants and decreasing the risk of root pathogens. It solubilizes essential minerals  and fixes atmospheric nitrogen. Furthermore, it dismantles the organic matter of the soil into humus and recycles the mineral elements.






Unfortunately, some problems occurred when the tillage was carried out. Due to abnormal rainfall this year, several access roads were flooded by water coming from the Gállego river. This caused the evacuation of several residents.