Fruitful visit to the facilities of Viveros Fuenteamarga in Valladolid

03.10.2012 By: Transfer LBC

A team of Transfer LBC and Beral Engineers visited the facilities of the Viveros Fuente Amarga. They were given a tour showing them the greenhouses, they were able to identify the breeding places and they determined the potential of the facilities.

During the meeting, they made a list of possible agricultural and forest species to be planted in each study area, both in San Mateo (Zaragoza) and in Ayoó de Vídriales.(Zamora). In order to do so, they had to take into consideration the feasibility and the development of each of the species with regards to environmental and climatic characteristics of each zone.


​Planting the seeds will begin in November and December of 2012 in order to grow them to a size that is big enough to eventually re-plant them in the field by November 2013.