Field trip during the Spanish Forestry Congress in Plasencia

03.07.2017 By: Transfer Consultancy

The Life 11 Operation CO2 team, represented by Egbert Sonneveld, visited the seveth edition of the Spanish Forestry Congress (CFE) on June 28th and 29th to present the agro forestry alley cropping results in the zones of Ayoo de Vidriales (Zamora) and San Mateo de Gallego (Zaragoza).

On Tuesday 28th of June a field visit with a whole group was all dedicated to Dehesa in a day trip. The participants were very interested in the approach since agro-silvo-pastoral (Dehesa) was an important part of the program. Interesting conversations took place among land owners, both public and private, and the scientific participants on a wide variety of topics like among others carbon sequestration by trees and grasses, climate change, tree illnesses, management of domestic animals and wild life and economic return. It was very clear that the legislation to classify land and to license producers needs to be adjusted for this ‘new’ type of exploitation especially when is concerns agricultural land turned into agro forestry