Cooperation between LIFE Projects The Green Deserts, Operation CO2 and CREMAgua

20.02.2014 By: Transfer LBC

Representatives of Valladolid University met at the headquarters of the County of Los Monegros in order to exchange experiences between the Life Projects The Green Deserts, Operation CO2 and CREMAgua. Zacarías Clérigo, professor at the University of Valladolid states that the exchange of experiences of the threeLife projects that take place within the Monegros area can be most beneficial. As all projects share common territorial features as well as joint objectives, they complement each other in several ways.

“The Green Deserts" aims to offer an innovative tree planting solution that requires no additional irrigation, in order to fight one of the most devastating consequences of climate change: desertification in areas which used to be lungs for the capture of CO2, sources of food production and landscape.

The "Operation CO2” project aims on the one hand to improve the conservation and management of forests as important carbon sinks and on the other hand promotes integral agroforestry practices in dry lands, both demonstrating new methods that are technically and economically viable.

The “CREMAgua” project aims to introduce 'natural' ecosystem structures of wetlands and riverbank forests to reduce inorganic nutrients - nitrates and phosphates - and salts from agricultural runoff in the entire Monegros area.

The exchange of ideas on how to cooperate more concretely was most fruitful and additionally the representatives of the County of Los Monegros have been invited to participate in the seminar "Recovery of soil in abandoned areas: towards a new agroforestry production model" which will take place on the 21st of March 2014 in the town of Ayoó de Vidriales (Zamora). Within this seminar the first results of the LIFE "The Green Deserts" and "Operation CO2 " will be presented and several experts from different European countries will participate.

Furthermore, the spanish press wrote some articles about this meeting, which can be seen beneath.