CCPAE inspection in order to declare as organic the apple and aromatic plants in Alinyà

24.07.2017 By: Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera

The certification process of the production of apples and aromatic plants as ecological cultivation advances at a good pace. On Friday, July 21th , the Catalan Council for Agricultural Ecological Productivity (CCPAE) carried out the inspection of the plantations, the warehouse and the aromatic plant dryer in the Alinyà Mountain in order to complete the registration process of the lands and the production at the Registry of organic producers of Catalonia.

During the visit, good practices were confirmed on the plantations, managed since the beginning according to organic production standards and following the advice of the Andreu Vila fruit farmer. The registration process is expected to be completed during August.

With the organic production stamp, the production of apples and aromatic plants can be marketed with even more added value: in addition to contributing to the fixation of atmospheric carbon, they are grown in an environmentally friendly way.

Photo 1: Xavier Escuté shows to the CCPAE inspector the apple plantations at Planassa.








Photo 2: Xavier Escuté shows to the CCPPAE inspector the Waterbox operation in the restoration zone at Planassa.








Photo 3: One of the few apples that grow during the 2017 season at Campaposta zone.













Photo 4: The inspector could review the dryer at Rectoria, where the freshly harvested lavender crop is drying up.








Photo 5: View of the lavender field in Campaposta during the harvest process.