Fieldwork for carbon credit certification at the Alinyà Valley project site

31.05.2016 By: Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera

Certification service provider TÜV Nord visited the premises of the Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera and the project site at Muntanya d’Alinyà from the 24 to the 26 of May 2016.

Auditor Alexandra Nuske, accompanied by the technicians from FSG Marco Bijl y Ronald Poppens, Dr. Salvador Hernandez from UVA and Xavier Escuté from the Fundació look through all the documentation necessary to fulfill the requirements of  VCS and CCB to certify carbon fixation projects.

In addition, she met with local actors involved in the project, such as Alinya’s major Jordi Sala, farmers Carlos Roset and Juanjo Lecum, representatives of the Fundació Integra Pirineus (Daniel Prat and Juan Antonio Arévalo), technicians of  Aubérria responsable for the plantations and for Biodiversity monitoring (David Manzanera y Jordi Dalmau) and with Andreu Vila, expert in ecological fruit production.

During the months of June and July, FSG and the Foundation will work together to answer the questions that arose during the process and move towards achieving the certification for the pilot actions for the project at Alinyà Mountain.  

Photo 1: the auditor meeting with farmer Carlos Roset.

Photo 2: the auditor with the team from Integra Pirineus

Photo 3: the work team by the sign of one of the project’s sites,  Obaga de Colldeu (pilot area for the betterment of forest mass to increase carbon fixation)

Photo 4: the auditor visiting the plantations at Campaposta (aromatic plants área)