Participants of LIFE+ seminar visit Ayoó de Vidriales

28.03.2014 By: Transfer LBC

The first field visit of the technical seminar took place at the demonstration site of Operation CO2 in Ayoó de Vidriales. Prior to the visit, the project partners explained briefly what the participants could expect visiting this field. Besides, more information was provided by Beral Ingeniería in printed format and this was divided among the participants.

Pedro Alonso of Beral Ingeniería was the guide of the field trip and he explained what was going on at the three zones (A, B & C). The first visit was to zone A in which the quality of the soil is less favorable compared to the other zones. However, in this zone the project has used 100% biovin soil improver and this has improved the soil visibly. The participants were quite surprised by the results. The visit continued to zone B and zone C, which contain 50% and 0% of biovin respectively. Visiting all three zones meant the participants could clearly see the difference between the different zones and levels of biovin. Furthermore, the agroforestry system was explained in detail and participants could view the different species planted such as pistachio and almonds.

At the field of Ayoó de Vidriales the innovative Groasis waterboxx is used thanks to a collaboration with LIFE+ project The Green Deserts, as well as other innovations to prevent the growth of weeds and drying out of the soil such as the discs made from coconut shell fibers. After this visit the participants traveled to the demonstration field of Life 9 (The Green Deserts) in Riofrío de Aliste. You can read more about this visit on this project’s website.

Below you can view the photos taken during the visit to the field.