Interesting visit at the experimental farm La Higueruela

12.02.2015 By: Transfer LBC

Last Thursday, February 5, Sven Kallen, representative of Transfer LBC and Egbert Sonneveld , advisor of Transati (LIFE “Crops for better soils”) and technical coordinator of BERAL for "Crops for better soil" LIFE10/ENV/ES/471 project, were invited by Dr. Carlos Lacasta (CSIC) and JP del Monte (UPM) to visit the experimental farm “LaHigueruela”, to follow up on previous networking activities and the preparation of mycorrhizae seed test within the cooperation of the LIFE+ projects LIFE ENV/ES/471 “Crops for better soils” and LIFE ENV/ES/535 “ Operation CO2”.

The experimental farm "La Higueruela" is a unique farm in Spain because improvements in agricultural productivity in rainfed areas have been studied there for more than 30 years . Since 1972, the farm is part of "Centre for Environmental Sciences of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)" where scientists develop their research and experiments.

The topics discussed during the visit included: quality and improvement of rainfed soils, crop rotation, experiences with different types of tilling (direct sowing), hillside erosion, compacting and its solutions, and the success of the ecological part of the farm (about 20 very productive hectares ).

Photos: The experimental farm “La Higueruela” with Egbert Sonneveld, Juan Pablo Alonso (UPM) and Carlos Lacasta, researcher at CSIC.














The following day, February 6, Egbert Sonneveld (Transati) an Sven Kallen (Transfer LBC) met again at Madrid's National Museum of Natural Sciences with CSIC scientists (Dr. Santiago Marino and Dr. Carlos Lacasta) and Juan Pablo del Monte (UPM), to report on key lessons within the LIFE+ projects mentioned above. All shown great interest on rainfed agriculture and evaluated the possibility to collaborate in the future with important CSIC projects in other regions of Spain.

Photo: National Museum of Natural Sciences








We would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome and we hope that this meeting will represent a new step forward to concretize our cooperation.